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We understand the important of technology and IT devices that you use for your business or corporate work. Your computers and laptops are designed to increase the productivity by making life easier, however sometimes the outcome is not always pleasant if technology fails.
We believe technology should work smarter, and improve as it develops. We understand the urgency of computer down times and how much damage it can cause to your company, therefore your IT system and networking environment should be maintained and serviced regularly to increase productivity and reliability. Technology should enhance your business; restriction and limitation are things that you will not wish to experience.

Maintenance & Services

Similar to the vehicle warranty of fitness, computers and laptops require regular maintenance and diagnosis to identify the status of the machine and assess for repair if needed. Regular maintenance are designed to keep your IT devices in good shape so that they can continuously support your business growth. We charge reasonably small amount of maintenance fee monthly and your IT devices are assured quality services and updates regularly.

Distance and On-site support

Our service team provides the best possible distance support to cover your needs in case of urgency. You can reach to by us phone call and email, and we will assign a technician to assist you to diagnose the problem and find the best solution. We can also allocate a technician for an on-site service if the situation requires. On-site services also includes networking diagnosis as we understand this is pivotal of your business.